About Me.

I’m a hands-on Creative Director and design evangelist

Adam Bunke

Creative Director


Over the years, I’ve gained extensive experience designing for small, medium, and large organizations and agencies, and worked with a variety of nationally and internationally known brands.

I believe in the big picture—the end-to-end solution that encapsulates all of the various efforts to successfully strategize, create, and execute elevated creative for clients. One of my greatest strengths is building and leading creative teams through a wide variety of challenges that span the demands and disciplines of traditional media as well as responsive interactive experiences.

I’m skilled in hiring, training, teaching (and learning!), as well as rolling up my sleeves and DOing the work. I’m very passionate about the future of design and how design-thinking can unlock the business potential for brands to solve real problems if we can ask the right questions, collaborate with a variety of talented minds, and fearlessly iterate innovative creative solutions.