Over the past decade, I’ve had the opportunity to design for a multitude of models including business-to-business.

Here are a few examples of some of the B2B work I’ve played a key role in:

Remedy Partners

Remedy Partners is a healthcare technology innovation company whose mission is centered around furthering the national shift from fee-for-service to value-based care—an initiative that reorganizes care and finance to be focused on the patient.

My time at Remedy has involved two different roles: UX/UI Team Lead and Creative Director. First, as the UX/UI Team Lead, I built a design program where there was none—establishing processes and rapport with stakeholders and other department heads to ensure that design was a critical part of the product’s lifespan, not just a visual after thought. My efforts led to the creation of a UI kit and pattern library that brought together all of the products under a cohesive visual language across the enterprise. This involved the complete refactoring of the flagship application, Episode Connect, as well as inception of many new products. Growing the team to be self-sustaining, I transitioned over to build the marketing team, as there wasn’t one previously.

As the Creative Director, I created a series of guidelines that streamlined and standardized all of the various pieces of brand expression across the organization and introduced design leadership into the organization on the wave of brand. This led to the development of a strong, multi-faceted marketing team with the brand narrative at its core. Projects ranged from the design of event experiences and workspace environments, ecosystemic collateral ranging multiple departments and speaking to Remedy’s many audiences, and a major digital footprint that informed automation and CRM programs. Presently, I’m tasked with the complete reimagining of the organization’s brand identity, both on the visual side, and also on the organizational restructure.

Ocala/Marion County

Ocala/Marion County is the equestrian capital of the United States and a charming return to nature in the midst of Central Florida. Their Convention and Visitors Bureau came to the agency in need of a new brand identity, communications strategy, creative campaign collateral, and public relations outreach that put them on the map for Floridians and for out-of-state tourists as a must-see destination.

I came in on this project after the agency had won Agency of Record for the account. My role was to help craft the visual brand identity (serving as the Senior Interactive Art Director and the Associate Creative Director on the account), mostly focused on the interactive space. The majority of my efforts went into designing a responsive website experience that provided value for the county’s varied audiences as well as a rich grasp of all that the county has to offer for the tourism trade. Part of this journey was the development of an interactive itinerary planner that allowed users to pick and choose various settings and activities, ending with a complete end-to-end trip outlined.

Overall, our efforts resulted in:

  • 16.2 percent increase in occupancy rates
  • Growing RevPAR in the region from $30.83 to $68.08
  • Ocala/Marion County outpacing the state of Florida in visitation by 236 percent

Active Screening

Active Screening is an organization that boasts a suite of products and services aimed at assisting businesses and individuals with background checks, credit history, drug testing, and many others.

Active Screening approached the agency seeking a refactored information architecture and user experience for their website with core funnels aimed at businesses and individuals respectively. I met with the client several times, providing clear architecture and userflows to guide a realigned, and at times, redesigned website experience. Conversations proceeded into wireframes and functional prototypes before the agency ultimately parted ways with them.

Team Volusia

Team Volusia is an economic development organization dedicated to the growth and sustainability of Volusia County in central Florida.

I served as the Art Director on a team of creatives charged with creating a direct mail campaign that connected with site selectors—organizations and individuals who assess areas of the nation to determine where to influence business growth and relocation. We created some seriously fun direct mail items, everything from a stereoscopic 3D poster with 3D glasses that projected out key areas and insight into the county to sending ‘Organ Donor’ coolers with small brains in an effort to show off the county’s viability as an education corridor.

While I’ve worked with many organizations on the business-to-business part of the world, I’ve also done a good deal of business-to-consumer work. Feel free to explore my full portfolio to get a sense of the variety of my work and the depth and breadth of my skills and experience.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or thoughts. Maybe we can grab some coffee and chat about design. I’d like that.