I love Behance. You should too.


Just like Flickr or Dribbble, it’s a place where tons of folks add content into an absolutely brilliant melting pot of creativity. Just an endless source of inspiration. Also a place to get frustrated and humbled by people who are just ridiculously gifted, like Miki Takahashi.


Just have a gander at the photography work here. I find I’m moved and really just awestruck at the brilliance of it. At the very least, her galleries are an endless supply of perplexing desktop wallpapers and wall prints.

I think of all of the potential advertising and art show applications. How these long exposure shots could be used in my own projects, the technique I mean. It’s not something I’ve done very often in my brief forays into art photography, but it doesn’t make me any less fascinated. I do love me some meditation via shooting pictures on walks.


It reminds me of an album cover I saw recently for Stephen Christian’s (Frontman for Anberlin) side project, Anchor & Braille.