Duality can be defined as ‘an instance of opposition or contrast between two concepts or two aspects of something; a dualism.’

Duality is something that we all possess and exemplify, whether we’re willing to admit it or not. We bear the burdens and the battles of the light and the dark within us. The whispers of tranquility and the clamor of passion.

Life, in many ways, is a journey to achieve balance—settling the duality in some controllable measure so as not to fall prey to one side or another. Too far to one side and we’re neutered of ambition and courage, too far to the other and we’re overcome with blind emotion; striking out in all directions.

I wanted to create an image that spoke of the two sides of each of us, the duality in which we do battle with daily. This work, which is really two pieces, serves to capture the universe as we see it. The universe that we each create for ourselves. The universe OF ourselves. The lighter, contemplative side with the weightless peace—birds taking to flight with a will in the wind. And the darker, conflicted side—writhing and wrestling through existence; breathing fire and clawing about.

The figure is an angel. A force sent to help maintain the balance between good and evil—the dark and the light. An role model for us to look up to and example for us to follow in the ongoing struggle to find and maintain balance.

Anberlin – Cities