At long last, my book Angels can now be found on the Apple iBookstore. It’s been a few years since its first publishing and it’s fun to look back on the adventure that was creating, writing, and assembling it. I started the project as a coping mechanism coming off of a divorce and as a way to collect a serious that I’d had ongoing for many years. It was also the product of encouragement from so many rad people in my life and a challenge I’d issued myself to see if I could even do it.

I’ve always loved creating books for others and anyone who knows me knows that I basically swim in books like Scrooge McDuck with gold. I adore the printed word and the opportunity it can provide for expression. For those that were with me as I did early pre-sales to even afford the press run and for everyone else who helped sell the book out of stock, your support has been so fantastic, healing, and energizing for me. This was the first of many adventures since and there are many more to come—some closer to announcement than others. I’d be bored to death if I didn’t always have something going on in my head.

As for angels, I intend to continue this series indefinitely. But I’m also in need of exploration in other places. I need to dive into myself and wrestle some demons and question the universe to see what answers and larger questions lie out there to be found. I hope you’ll take the journey with me. I can’t promise it’ll be a joyful trip at all stops, but we’ll learn a lot, we’ll ask a lot, we’ll expose our weaknesses and wounds as well as gain new strengths and new courage.

If you’re the iPad kind, Angels can be found here for a horrifying $4.99.