The screenshot here hardly does any justice to this absolutely badass site design. We opened a bottle of the vintage 2003 today at the office and were admiring the simplicity and elegance of the packaging. So it got me wondering about the website.


Other than having to sit through a pre-loader (really, not a long one as far as pre-loaders go), I was pretty floored. The way the panels unfold to deeper content that, in turn, unfolds to even more content. The ability to click off to the background to return to the initial core navigation elements, the control you have just moving the whole panel around the screen. It’s really streamlined and smooth.

Also? No flash. I saw html 5 semantics in the source code on top of what looks like a custom wordpress theme with some just BANGIN’ jquery libraries.


All-in-all, it’s a really well constructed piece that’s worthy of some praise and recognition.