I got a chance to read this gem over the course of the past few weeks. Definitely one of the best design books I’ve read in quite awhile. A gift from my best friend, David. Another designer.

I found Howe’s words provided great insight into the sort of changing world that we live in as designers and adfolk. We live in a world where advertising agencies and design firms can no longer exist exclusively. They must begin to fuse. In this fusion is where the real magic is found. I find in the house that I work in, we achieved fusion long ago. The hand-in-hand partnership between design and advertising is so fluid and accepted. It’s like it’s always been there.

He goes on to reference some of the legends in our industry (George Lois, Lee Clow, etc.). Talks about their efforts and contributions as well as how fusion is occurring in their day-to-day.

Jammed full of excellent resources, literary references, and well informed opinions. ‘Designers Don’t Read’ is an excellent addition to any designer’s library. It’s easy to read and easy to digest.

I eagerly await picking up the sequel ‘Designers Don’t Have Influences.’

You can pick up ‘Designers Don’t Read’ here

And visit Austin Howe’s website as well.