This piece is about power.
More specifically, it’s about the power that we give to others out of fear.

So often in our lives, we encounter relationships in which our power is taken from us—our strength sapped. Sometimes unknowingly or gradually over time, other times it’s handed over as an offering in trade for a better outcome—the stay of a punishing hand. Those that would wield this, a very part of our beings, effectively steal our light and lock us in the darkness. They possess the keys that mean an escape from a prison that we can’t see or hear, so much as feel.

Few things can destroy a person more completely than being consumed by the darkness. Define darkness how you will. For me, it presents itself in many forms, popular on that ‘greatest hits’ track listing are abandonment and anger. In all too familiar moments where these elements make themselves known, I trade any control I might have in an effort to ward off a dark, frozen waste from surrounding me and sealing me from the existence I deserve—from the home I’ve carved into my life and worked to fill with warmth and welcome.

She said I swallowed keys. What have you done to keep us in the dark?

This piece also serves as a reminder. We have it in us to identify what might keep us in the dark and to do something about it. We don’t have to yield our strength and we do not have to spend nights imprisoned by our fears. We can be so much stronger. We can be so much more aware of what’s happening around us. And we can protect others. We can remind our fellow brothers and sisters of their worth—of their inherent ability to overcome that which would hold them back.

Proclaim it to the jailers of our willpower and resolve.
Don’t keep us in the dark.



  • Falling Up – Boone Flyer
  • Dustin Kensrue – There’s Something Dark