Here’s a new one I’m calling ‘Flee the Factory.’

Partially inspired by my absolute love for ‘The Receiving End of Sirens’ and really any project that Casey Crescenzo is involved in. My iTunes library can attest to that. But also inspired by a very influential figure from my past, Michael Tomlinson. Mike taught me so much about how to see and think and create. Introduced me to works of art that I admire so greatly now and to his own art, of which I’m still a great supporter.

This piece is beckoning us to free our minds from the boundaries set up and the doors closed by imposed orders from others and the scarring of trauma.

I suppose part of this journey for me is finally dealing with the damage my own journey has done to me and the quest to heal and progress. I won’t bore you with the details and the lengthy speak, but I believe it was Chuck Palahniuk who wrote, “It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we’re free to do anything.” That wording resonates with me lately as I think of the guy I used to be and the dreams he had.

[quote] Life’s far too short to be imprisoned within yourself. Thoughts chambered in dark recesses. [/quote]

We must strive to free our minds…to grab hold of crazy ideas and lofty aspirations. Life is far too short and the journey far too great to be hindered.