This one’s mutli-leveled in meaning and comes from some darker corners within me. The name, being a double entendre that explores not only the creation of music but also what is instrumental to us—to our survival.

The figure is tearing her heart out and playing the strings. Surely we’ve all, at times, sought the comfort of being numb—an escape route from the feelings that can cripple us. But aren’t those feelings also what propel us and ignite greater fires within? It’s frustrating that the very thing that amplifies hurt and creates very sizable obstacles in our respective journeys is also what’s crucial to our survival. What can take away the ability to even stand up can also push you to go out of your way, say the words, and drastically change the adventure.

We’re victims and we’re also empowered prophets of our feelings. We generate the tones and the tunes that radiate outward into the world.

[quote] Let’s lick the wounds and find out where we came from. When copperas has faded, I hope you’ll still be by my side. This is not dystrophy, but desire. Desire for comfort in the dark. [/quote]

Music is cosmic.

Music is healing.

Music is enveloping and mesmerizing.

My mind, often it seems, Goes to Kepler and his thoughts on planets. Rotating to create various sounds. All things create music. Whether it be the wind in the trees or the water that flows in the stream. We each create music, together and alone. Sure some of it is wonderfully harmonious, just as much as it can be tragically discordant.

Don’t let the sour sounds of hurt ruin the larger symphony being created, simply by being alive. Simply by existing. Find the courage to achieve that balance. Find that harmony. Be part of that cosmic orchestra, playing a piece that’s always changing and always moving forward.

Further Seems Forever – Instrumental
Further Seems Forever – The Deep
City and Colour – Silver and Gold
Anberlin – Cadence
Kaki King – Streetlight in the Egg
Yellowcard – Fix You (Cover Song)
Brand New – The Boy Who Blocked His Own Shot
Bleach – Jaded Now
I Am The Avalanche – The Gravedigger’s Argument
The Dear Hunter – Shouting at the Rain
The Dear Hunter – Dear Ms. Leading