Today has been such a wonderfully humbling day for me.
I come back to work from lunch and find that MxPx has been showing off my book! This is huge for me as these guys have been my heroes for over a decade. I think, at one point, people in my high school thought MxPx was a clothing brand because of all the merch of theirs I wore around. I used to dream of doing a poster for them for a tour or an album or something. I remember dropping everything to make sure I saw Mike, Tom, and Yuri just rock the stage each time they were in Orlando.

For over ten years their music has touched me and inspired me to create—to feel things worth expressing. Hell, for the years I played music professionally I even modeled some of my bass style after Mike’s.

Hero worship aside, these guys work their asses off day in and day out to do what they love and they touch millions of people the world over. That alone should be an inspiration to us all—then add an amazing library of musicianship (and lyrical prose), around-the-clock touring, and decades of sweat equity.


Keep up the hard work gents. I promise I’ll do the same.