A few weeks back, I posted my interest in kidrobot products and began with making a Green Lantern out of a 4-inch Foomi figure. This next one, I stepped it up and moved to a 7-inch Munny figure. This is a really fun process. I can see myself doing several of these every few months. They may even show up on my etsy store.

For this one, I modeled all of the eye elements and all of the additional pieces on the legs, ears, and arms out of Primo Sculpey. The entire figure was baked (which I irresponsibly laid the figure down so the head flatted somewhat and one of the arms sort of melted off) so that the clay would harden and adhere to the figure. Once removed from the oven, I had to model a new arm to replace the one I had destroyed.

Following that was about an hour or two of painting and detail work, finishing with a couple of coats of Krylon glossy sealer.