Here we are, standing at the edge of a new year. So much to reflect back on and so much to strive for in the days to come. We’re all different from who we were a year ago. We’ve all made changes, probably both big and small. I sit here writing this with my own reflections brewing and my own ambitious designs for 2018 and the years that follow. Typically, we all plan to do a bunch of things and then we generally let most of them fall by the wayside and return to our regularly scheduled programming. I’m hoping that this is the year that I break that pattern for myself. To that end, I’ve begun this year with some significant change.

This morning, I deactivated my facebook account with no intention of ever returning. I’ve spoken at length to my family and friends as to why I made this decision and the reality is that, for a multitude of reasons, I was allowing facebook to separate me from real meaningful connections. I was getting bogged down in clickbait and distraction, and I was adding fuel to the fire with the political landscape and the general toxic quality of the public web’s social space. Well, no longer. I wish to dedicate this year and all the years that follow to making legitimate connections and telling authentic stories. I want to share what I’m so often on a soapbox about in the appropriate forums and I want to contribute to things that matter.

Let’s make this year about chasing dreams and catching up to them. Let’s climb mountains and let’s be fearless about it. And, for God’s sake, let’s have some discipline.

I’ve set some ambitious goals for myself this year and the plans are already in play. Performing a bit of a design workshop on myself, I’ve been able to organize my scattered brain around areas of focus in career, health, continued learning, travel, art, community, and relationships. And this will be my map for the year that guides me to various treasures and adventures. So much of last year was spent job hunting and battling misery—Being weighted down by uncertainty, self doubt, and a sense of inadequacy. My confidence was shaken and my resolve was tested repeatedly. But from those dark periods, light emerged and shapes shifted for good. Nothing is ever ALL bad.

To spare you from having to read all of this goal making that’s not relevant, to your own lives, I’ll simply state that big things are coming. Big changes to the direction of this site and this blog, by milestones for my work as an artist and my growth as a human. I want to return to teaching and to encouraging a discussion around things that affect our lives beyond the shallow reaches of consumer goods or surface level fixations.

I challenge you to shoot for the stars in the years to come and to let this new one be something special.

Happy new year