The guys over at Studio Neat ( have made an impact, at least on my wanderings, through some of the package design that’s out there right now. The Cosmonaut (pictured above) is a pen stylus for capacitive touch screens. The idea behind it being that tablets can work as sort of dry-erase boards. The Cosmonaut being the marker. You can see not only the simplicity in the design of the product but also in the packaging. One color, very straightforward and clean. Really just excellent in a classical sense – maintaining a 1950’s sort of ‘build your own rocket’ look. While also treading water with current, sort of modern design trends and themes.

Their other featured product right now is called the ‘Glif.’ And it’s a tripod apparatus, developed to capitalize on the photography being done out there exclusively with the iPhone 4 and 4S. It’s actually sort of fun, the naming conventions for its components. There are additional pieces aptly named ‘serif’ and ‘ligature’ that marry the moniker, ‘Glif.’ Oh typographic associations 🙂 Never enough of those.

Feel free to pop over to their site (which I’ve linked to above) and wander through their products and their brilliant and simplistic package design.