Why don’t we play more? I submit that play lends itself better to creative and complicated work than any other method because it encourages you to change disciplines and it challenges you to be resourceful with what’s at hand which could veer wildly from the conventional tools assigned to the task. In a mode of play, your guard is dropped and you’re more comfortable crafting, arranging, and collaborating.

I like to take the act of play and apply it to the work that we do at Remedy Partners on the marketing team. I’ll use our events as an example. Sure, events have a bunch of business goals and strategic objectives facilitated by booth space, collateral, elevator pitches, presentations, meetings, and staff but all of those are aspects of a greater experience and the experience is what will draw an audience and remain memorable long after they’ve moved on. An experience is the difference between gaining trust and loyalty or losing credibility and recognition. We design for the experience.

So back to playing. Who hasn’t played with dolls or action figures? Model airplanes? People like to create fictionalized interpretations of the world in order to tell stories and create experiences. It’s the same with our approach to events. We like to cut out paper dolls and dollhouse style arrangements of the spaces we plan to inhabit for an event and play out scenarios to ensure that we’re using the space best for the goals. For the SNF Collaborative, we introduced a gallery of booths that spoke to Remedy’s many product and service offerings as part of a collective system. This system had to be prototyped as paper models to test the best arrangement of monitors for line of sight to the presentations, for where to place banners and arrange tabletop collateral. We had to be able to predict traffic jams and confusion about how to get where. All of that in addition to creating a visual system that allowed each booth to have its own unique quality but still connect them as part of the same whole. When staring at a floorplan or in an empty event space, it’s difficult to picture how all of that may come together successfully. One might overshoot or under prepare based on conjecture. Isn’t it better to know? And isn’t everything better when it’s fun?

For as long as there are experiences to create at Remedy Partners, we will meet the challenges with a sense of play that allows us to think in atypical ways while delivering memorable moments and artifacts.

Catch the life-sized output of our paper dolls at the SHM Conference on May 1st.