The journey begins again as I venture into rebranding myself. I love this process, so I try to do it every two to three years. It’s a great way to embrace new technologies and new techniques.

It’s always so exciting 🙂 making new business cards, updating the old résumé, putting together new contracts and legal forms, and carrying that brand through every other node you’re connected to. It’s nice to have projects where you can design just to speak with your voice with no constraints. This is me. Who I am. Unhindered.

Alongside this process will be my passion project for the year. Last year it was my book. This year it’s a 14 piece series commissioned by a church in the midwest. It’ll present unique challenges for me as an artist in several ways. I’m always looking for new ways to push myself to grow and evolve.

Go out and find your own passion projects. Do things for you, that speak to you. Allow yourself the freedom of unrestrained expression.