I feel spoiled at the office with my fancy pants intuos 4 tablet. But tablets have been a part of my workflow since way back with the shitty Wacom Graphire tablets that had barely any pressure sensitivity or workspace area. After that abomination, I fell in love with Nico Di Mattia’s photoshop speed painting (http://nicodimattia.com/) and wanted to know what tablet he used for his stellar work. And it was a shock that he used some $48 Genius tablet with a battery powered pen stylus. So that was my next tablet. That one served me well for years. All the work in my book and really most of my digital work to date was done on that guy.

But, as with most tech, you use it long enough and it begins to become useless. So around Christmas it came time to go back on the tablet hunt. Knowing how terrible the original bamboo series was from Wacom, I was concerned when I began perusing them. But this new line they’ve developed, especially the ‘Create’ series, are actually powerhouses. This new one supports multi-touch finger swipes without the need of a pen stylus. The pressure sensitivity isn’t that of an intuos but as someone that’s used tablets for over a decade, I really don’t notice that much. This tablet is phenomenal and I’m eager to get back to work on some fine art with it.

If you’re in the market, take a look at the Wacom Bamboo Create.