Since the release of my book, what feels like a billion years ago now, I’ve been sort of burned out on creating original fine art. It’s not that I don’t still keep sketchbooks under my pillow and in my glovebox (because I do those things) in the event that something profound strikes me, I think I just turned what is supposed to be an exploration into expression and a journey toward meaning into, well, work.

And don’t get me wrong, I love every facet of the process and of my work in all the avenues it takes me. I think I just needed a break to explore new things and think in different ways. For years, all I’ve ever really created were angels. And for that time, they were what I saw and what spoke to me most. I have no doubt that we’ve not seen the last of the Adam Bunke Angels, but they’re not really my focus at the moment. Too many other voices are piping up in my brain, and it’s time to give them some attention and produce some new and different work.

So, for 2013, Here’s the beginning of my engines revving up once again. I call it ‘Seize Every Moment.’ As we all well should try to do. Because like the flame produced by a lighter, moments can be beautiful, unique, and gone in a flash. I had a little help from this one in the form of the brilliant Casey Crescenzo and his band, The Dear Hunter. If you’re unfamiliar, get familiar. It’ll change your life.

Seize Every Moment

[EDIT] Prints are now available in killer 18×24 matte!