For this piece, I really wanted to express the greater experiences found on the other side.
The layers within layers that our lives can provide.
We’re so very small in the grand scheme of things, with such wondrous enormity surrounding us that we can hardly comprehend.

This piece also serves to chronicle my own personal journey as I venture into greater paths unknown. Pulled by forces greater than I, myself, can command. And the knowledge that I’m not embarking on this adventure alone. I see things more clearly and feel them more strongly than I ever have in the days before these. The next chapter has truly begun and I can see a future that I’ll run toward with great excitement and hard work.

[quote] And when I lost all hope to look, someone took that heavy book from my hands.
All it’s weight they set aside after they had satisfied its demands.
I felt white and black reverse and the lifting of a curse from my heart.
Then like one receiving sight, I beheld a brilliant light in the dark.[/quote]

The figure is diving into the seemingly murky depths, with no knowledge of what she might find. Or how deep she may dive. The words of wisdom and the great expanse of space found in that ever-expanding universe that’s out there for all of us. But it’s foolish to think that we’re in complete control of all things in our respective endeavors. The figure’s wings represent the freedom we find in exploring the unknown. In facing our fears and finding the courage to see what’s waiting out there. To seek answers to unasked questions. And the wings are comprised of the strings that guide us from forces greater than ourselves.


Fill your hearts with love and your minds with wonder—explore the depths with eyes receiving new sight and behold the light overcoming the darkness. Find your own words within the water.



Just go ahead and listen to Thrice’s records “Beggars” and “Major/Minor.” You’ll be moved to tears and empowered in great pursuits. Their work has certainly changed me.