My soon-to-be wife often speaks to me of the endless potential that we all have. That the only limitations that we encounter are the ones that we impose on ourselves. An I’m inclined to believe that.

We, as individuals and as a collective entity can do so much. Create such beauty. Discover great mysteries. Plan immense futures. Yet we stand in our own way. We halt our growth and forward motion out of fear, uncertainty, lack of faith, etc.

We can be anything  that we want. Chase after our dreams and catch up to them. It just takes courage and it takes faith. Believe that you can reach the stars and you’ll get there one way or another. You can do this.

I’m reminded of the movie ‘Hook.’ I think of how Peter lost his way and how the Lost Boys brought him back. He simply had to believe that he could do the incredible things that were said about him—free himself from the barriers he created around himself—and there he was fighting, flying, crowing. He was always Peter Pan, he just needed to believe it.

I believe you are infinitely capable. I believe you can do anything.

You are the infinite.

I created this series with the Stephany, always my muse, inspiring me to think deeper and more freely. I get in my own way more than a little and it’s a practiced effort to look beyond the limitations I create for myself.

I also wanted to do this as a deeper exploration into what you can do with Procreate, iPad Pro, and Apple Pencil. And much in line with the theme of this series, the possibilities are seemingly endless. There’s so much flexibility and fluidity. I find I spend more and more time exploring concepts in this manner lately.

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