Recently, or I guess over the span of this quickly passing year, I’ve been trying to add some modicum of web design knowledge to my utility belt.


I feel like I’m getting the hang of CSS and HTML for site building and I’ve also learned a few coldfusion pieces here and there. My current fascination is within contemporary web design in the form of all the insanely awesome (even if tiny) things HTML5 and CSS3 have to offer to a web solution. My current obsession is called parallax scrolling.


I’ve been tooling around for a few weeks now after finding the Taco Bell Cantina Bell site. Yeah, scroll through that a few times as you pick pieces of your brain off the wall. This thing is totally badass right? Well, it utilizes a technique (of sorts) referred to as parallax scrolling. Essentially, the background and the content scroll at different speeds. Each of the areas are their own ‘slide’ with which you can do whatever you want inside of. DIVs, videos, floating sprite images, really anything. but it makes for an amazing user experience. Of course it’s somewhat image-heavy so load times can be a bit of an issue, but in most of my test runs and on a lot of these sites executing the technique out there, I haven’t seen much of a problem. If you’re on dial up…Well…Sorry, guy.


Here are a few more amazing examples of parallax scrolling being put to expert use.


It’s about time I polish up the ol’ résumé, so I’ll be putting up a test link and messing with my own iteration of parallax scrolling. Feel free to follow, or make fun, or y’know whatever it is you do.