Remedy Partners

Remedy Partners, a healthcare technology innovation company, provides a vast enterprise of software products to assist in monitoring patient care and promoting the shift from fee-for-service to value-based care in American healthcare.


What began as a singular product, splintered into many portals and processes intended to serve audiences differing from physicians, patients, and even hospital administrators. To ensure consistency and fluidity, an ongoing UX/UI process works to guide an experience across the enterprise—simplifying otherwise very complex and dense content while maintaining compliance rules and hospital operational procedures.


Episode Connect


Episode Connect is the flagship product from Remedy Partners. It works alongside hospital EMR systems to provide medical employees of different role in the field with the ability to monitor patients across multiple facilities in accordance with the Bundled Payments for Care Improvement initiative.


Tailored to the workflow needs for specific user roles, Episode Connect structures content to bring critical forms, patient data, metrics, and team components to the forefront for optimal efficiency and speed in ensuring patient care and facilitating transition to downstream facilities.


Program Administration


Program Administration serves as the settings toolkit for the entire Remedy Connect enterprise. Housing a multitude of tools and features, Program Administration allows organizations to create highly customizable configurations for ideal product use in cooperation with their own unique processes and procedures. These features range from creating and managing user accounts/permissions to coordinating with locating service provider resources to work locally with patients wherever they might live.


Patient Connect


A different direction than many of Remedy’s other tools, Patient Connect serves the patient as the user. With many of these users being elderly, this creates different challenges both in feature and in design to ensure the clarity of the interface and the simplicity of navigating it. Once a patient is properly onboarded, Patient Connect allows users access to their medical records, content specific to his/her ailments, messaging with medical care team, and capabilities for scheduling calls and appointments with notifications.


Physician Connect


Physician Connect meets doctors where they’re at by providing a flexible, responsive interface that can be accessed from any device while on-the-go between patients. Here physicians can check on the status of their patients and provide messaging as well as view survey scores and notifications—all of these built on the back of a system intended to help doctors provide better care for their patients and incentivizing the performance.